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Just Law Building Dispute Lawyers
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What we do

Just law is a law firm that specialises in building dispute litigation and mediation. Just Law represents people in building disputes, and before you get into a dispute, if you are a:

* builder        * owner        *tradesperson        * developer

* architect        *building inspector        *subcontractor

If you have a problem with a building defect, incomplete work, slow payment, variations, design clarification, contract interpretation, industrial dispute we can help. We will explain your options, discuss the problem, draft documents, negotiate with the other side, represent you in court / VCAT and organise experts if needed. We give clear legal advice, personal service, reasonable rates and have a proven track record. We will fight for your rights either in court / VCAT or at mediation. viagra 5mg daily use taking viagra past expiration date mechanism of viagra action viagra natural herbolarios madrid there difference between viagra viagra