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Our track record

Just Law is owned and operated by an experienced ex-barrister James Gray, now a barrister & solicitor, who does in-court advocacy and the behind-the-scenes preparation and negotiation.
You won't have to pay for 2 lawyers (one to watch and the other do the hard slog) when you only need one good one.
James Gray has also worked on the tools in the building industry, built 2 architecture award winning townhouses in Melbourne (he knows the pitfalls from both sides, as an owner-builder), and worked in industrial relations in the construction industry.
Just Law is a new firm but James Gray has an impeccable record of successful litigation and negotiated settlements in the areas of building disputes, planning cases, industrial & employment law and discrimination law. He has often appeared against QCs in VCAT, Supreme Court & Federal Court.
Recent building cases include the matter of Mazouris V Giardina in which a client, relying on the advice and representation of James Gray, overturned a $200,000 VCAT decision against him.